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Why rest and naps are important!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

why we need to take naps - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

Yesterday I did something I have not done for quite a while.

I woke at my usual 5.30ish but felt like hell – absolutely exhausted - but I got up anyway. The whole morning I felt a little unhinged – you know that weird, slightly giddy, spacey, unsteady, laughy, cryey, a bit like jet lag feeling. I was wandering around from room to room, forgetting what the hell I was looking for, and the whole time thinking “I’m getting enough sleep, eating well… what the hell is wrong with me!” By 1 pm yesterday I finally gave in and went back to bed. I ended up sleeping for 3 hours, got up for a few, then was back in bed at 9 pm, and slept right through to this morning. I’m up, feel amazing, am writing this blog to you all, and wondering why the hell I didn’t do it before??? With the clarity of a rested body and alert mind I can now acknowledge just how much I am doing at the moment - coaching, supporting, training, writing new courses and programmes, moving house, and navigating the COVID rollercoaster.

Just writing that has made me wonder where my head was at! Of course I’m bloody exhausted! Holding space and supporting people in these ever-changing times I am realising takes a lot more energy than I thought, not to mention everything else that’s going on. I need more rest to be able to do this to the standard I want to, and the people I work with deserve. So from now on, I’m going to make sure I get more rest than I think I need, because on reflection, I need way more rest than I have been taking because the current situation dictates it. I’m pretty sure you have all been doing a lot more and holding a lot more over the last few months, and if like me you have suddenly realised your tank is a little low….. rest!

In your excitement to embrace our new freedoms, reconnect with everyone and dive headlong into being able to socialise again, be prepared for how tiring and draining it may all be, even if it is joyful too. Rest when you need to. Rest today if you need to.

Go back to bed. Hell stay in bed. Have a nap or two or three. I’m prioritising me so I can do all the things I need (and want) to do to support everyone else, and you need to remember to do the same. I would love to hear how you are getting and your thoughts on this blog.

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Have a great (restful) weekend.

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