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How to bounce back from burnout

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Bouncing back from burnout - Patricia Ezechie Coaching

BAM - knocked out my first online course.

BAM - delivered first course.

BAM - acid reflux?

BAM - first course huge success!

BAM - flu…. FLU?

BAM - my father died.

BAM - family meltdown.


BAM ….... I’m on my knees.

What do you do when your in that place again…over extended, exhausted, eviscerated and firmly in reverse?

How do you bounce back from burnout?

My first thought - I should know better after all helping people to stay away from this place is what I do for a living right?

What do you do?

My process… I hunker down.

I withdraw because this allows me the space and time to just be - be still, be silent, self soothe, rest and rebalance.

For me this mean’s shutting down and doing the absolute minimum. I take my own advice and it becomes all about loving kindness and compassion for myself and I do what I do with my clients… I use the tools I have to check in because going though these simple exercises grounds me and shows very clearly in black and white where I am right now. I have to be completely honest and accepting of where I am in the moment and this is the quickest way to that realisation.

I begin to consciously breath out the tension… I up the meditation ….not silently but using mantras and prayers because this works for me. It keeps my mind present and away from the huge to do lists that I have not the slightest inclination or energy to address.

My gaze and focus become laser sharp, on just the next thing I have to do and the next step I have to take… the smaller the better, the least demanding the better.

It will take as long as it takes, just do what you have to do and take baby steps. All the things I tell my wonderful clients every day I repeat like a mantra to myself …. Treat yourself with loving kindness… treat yourself with loving kindness.

And I reframe. Reframing is one of my superpowers. It gets me out of anything. The Opp's I’ve done it again… how the hell did I get here AGAIN…becomes OK so I’m here again - "hello old friend how unexpected to see you, but as you are familiar I know how to manage you". It’s patience, acceptance and loving kindness right?

So 14 days after the double dose where am I?


Back in nature.

Doing yoga (why did I ever stop?)

Sleeping thanks to a wonderful tip about Bach Rescue Night Remedy Time (who knew!)

Still grappling with the demon sugar but that old adversary always behaves like a guest who is numb to the fact it has long outstayed it’s welcome, but it’s on notice, it’s bags are packed so it is slowly getting the message.

My message to you today…

Sometimes you have to slow down or even stop to get to wherever you want to get to.

Be patient, be accepting and treat yourself with absolute loving kindness.

Happy Feel Good Friday!

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